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Email: Chapter 12, Article 3, Section 1B

§12-3-1b. Voluntary direct deposits by Auditor of salaries of employees to banks or other financial institutions.

Any officer or employee of the State of West Virginia may authorize the direct deposit of his or her net wages to his or her account in any bank or other financial institution by electronic funds transfer. Direct deposit authorizations shall comply with the requirements of section one-a of this article. Upon approval of an authorization, the Auditor shall issue the warrant in the manner specified on the authorization and forward the warrant to the treasurer for further disposition to the designated bank or other financial institution on or before the day or days the officer or employee is due his or her net wages. Direct deposit authorizations may be revoked at any time thirty days prior to the date on which the direct deposit is regularly made and on a form to be provided by the Auditor: Provided, That on and after July 1, 2002, at the option of the Auditor, all wages shall be deposited directly into the employees' account at any bank or financial institution designated by the employee via electronic funds transfer or, if the employee does not have a bank account, through the West Virginia check card program in accordance with section four, article three-a of this chapter.