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Email: Chapter 12, Article 3, Section 5

§12-3-5. When requisition to Auditor sufficient authority for issuing warrant.

(a) When an appropriation has been made by law, subject to the order or payable on the requisition of a particular officer, board or person, the order or written or electronic requisition is sufficient authority to the Auditor to issue a warrant for the same or any party thereof.

(b) The Auditor:

(1) Shall accept an electronic requisition from Marshall University and West Virginia University in an unaltered format approved by the Auditor;

(2) May accept or require an electronic requisition from any entity other than Marshall University or West Virginia University at his or her discretion in an unaltered format approved by the Auditor; and

(3) May not issue a warrant for an amount that exceeds the appropriation or for an expired appropriation.