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§12-4-12. Treasurer authorized to provide check-cashing service; establishment and audit of cash funds.

The treasurer may provide a check-cashing service at his or her office in the capitol building and may charge fees for the service for each check cashed and for each check returned for insufficient funds. For this purpose, he or she may establish from receipts in the treasury not more than two cash funds each in an initial amount not to exceed $100,000. The treasurer shall designate certain employees in his or her office who are to provide the service and have charge of the funds, and may require the employees to be bonded either individually or by blanket bonds. The cost of the bond or bonds shall be paid out of the treasurer's current expense appropriation.

The fees received for the service shall be deposited in the cash funds and itemized accounts of the receipts shall be maintained. Any check determined by the treasurer to be uncollectible shall be charged against the fund from which it was cashed. Before July 1, 2001 and at least every three fiscal years thereafter, the Legislative Auditor shall audit the cash funds and all accounts and records relating to the service provided pursuant to this section. If the amount of either cash fund, after charges for uncollectible checks, exceeds $100,000 at the conclusion of any audit, the treasurer shall transfer the excess to the General Revenue Fund.