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Email: Chapter 12, Article 6, Section 2

§12-6-2. Definitions.

As used in this article, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(1) "Beneficiaries" means those individuals entitled to benefits from the participant plans;

(2) "Board" means the governing body for the West Virginia Investment Management Board and any reference elsewhere in this code to Board of Investments or West Virginia Trust Fund means the board as defined in this subdivision;

(3) "401(a) plan" means a plan which is described in Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and with respect to which the board has been designated to hold assets of the plan in trust pursuant to the provisions of section nine-a of this article;

(4) "Local government funds" means the moneys of a political subdivision, including policemen's pension and relief funds, firemen's pension and relief funds and volunteer fire departments, transferred to the board for deposit;

(5) "Participant plan" means any plan or fund subject now or hereafter to subsection (a), section nine-a of this article;

(6) "Political subdivision" means and includes a county, municipality or any agency, authority, board, county board of education, commission or instrumentality of a county or municipality and regional councils created pursuant to the provisions of section five, article twenty-five, chapter eight of this code;

(7) "Trustee" means any member serving on the West Virginia Investment Management Board: Provided, That in section nine-a of this article in which the terms of the trusts are set forth, "trustee" means the West Virginia Investment Management Board;

(8) "Securities" means all forms and types of investments, financial instruments or financial transactions which may be considered prudent for investment by the board under section eleven of this article; and

(9) "State funds" means all moneys of the state which may be lawfully invested except the "school fund" established by section four, article XII of the State Constitution.