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Email: Chapter 12, Article 6C, Section 19

§12-6C-19. Creation of fee account and investment account; budget.

(a) The Board may charge fees, which are subtracted from the total return on investments, for the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by the Board in rendering services. All fees collected shall be deposited in a special account in the State Treasury created and designated the Board of Treasury Investments Fee Fund. Expenditures from the Fund shall be for the purposes set forth in this article and are not authorized from collections, but are to be made only in accordance with appropriation by the Legislature, in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twelve of this code and upon the fulfillment of the provisions set forth in article two, chapter eleven-b of this code: Provided, That for the fiscal year ending the June 30, 2006, expenditures are authorized from collections rather than pursuant to an appropriation by the Legislature.

(b) There is created in the State Treasury a special account designated the Board of Treasury Investments Investment Fund for use in receiving funds for investment, disbursing funds from investments and processing investment transactions.

(c) All fees dedicated, identified or readily identifiable to an entity, fund, pool or participant account shall be charged to that entity, fund, pool or participant account and all other fees shall be charged as a percentage of assets under management. At its annual meeting, the Board shall adopt a fee schedule and a budget reflecting fee schedules.