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§15-9B-3. Local Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Boards.

(a) Each county prosecutor, or his or her designee, shall convene a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Board, or may, as an alternative, convene and chair the sexual assault response team in the county to act as the Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Board. If a regional board is authorized, all county prosecutors from the designated area shall be members of the board. The prosecutors shall assure that each board be proportionally representative of the designated region. Each board may vary in membership, but should include representatives from local health care facilities, local law enforcement, multidisciplinary investigative teams, county and municipal governments and victims advocates. Each county or regional board shall develop a local plan and protocols for the area, which will address, at a minimum, the following:

(1) Identifying facilities that are appropriate for receipt and treatment of sexual assault victims;

(2) Evaluating the needs and available resources of the area, including the number of qualified physicians or nurses, or both, to facilitate and encourage 24-hour, seven-day-a-week coverage; and

(3) Developing an alternative plan in case there is a change in circumstances to ensure continuity of service.

(b) If availability of services are limited, or the remoteness of the region causes lack of adequate examination facilities or personnel, the local boards may designate local government or other resources to provide appropriate transport of victims to facilities where the victim can receive a timely and appropriate forensic examination.