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Email: Chapter 16A, Article 7, Section 3

§16A-7-3.  Storage and transportation.

The bureau shall develop rules relating to the storage and transportation of medical cannabis among grower/processors, testing laboratories and dispensaries which ensure adequate security to guard against in-transit losses. The tracking system developed by the bureau shall include all transportation and storage of medical cannabis. The rules shall provide for the following:

(1)  Requirements relating to shipping containers and packaging.

(2)  The manner in which trucks, vans, trailers or other carriers will be secured.

(3)  Security systems that include a numbered seal on the trailer.

(4)  Obtaining copies of drivers’ licenses and registrations and other information related to security and tracking.

(5)  Use of GPS systems.

(6)  Number of drivers or other security required to ensure against storage or in-transit losses.

(7)  Recordkeeping for delivery and receipt of medical cannabis products.

(8)  Requirements to utilize any electronic tracking system required by the bureau.

(9)  Transporting medical cannabis to a grower/processor, approved laboratory or dispensary.