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Email: Chapter 17, Article 16, Section 3

§17-16-3. Removal of obstructions by state road commission or county; expense to be charged against owner, etc.

If such obstructions, poles, wires or pipelines are not removed, or such poles with wires reset, or such excavations are not properly filled and maintained, or such pipelines are not relaid or removed, within ten days after the service of a notice, by the state road commission, or its engineer in charge of the road obstructed, or the county road engineer or supervisor, as the case may be, upon such owner or occupant, or upon such company or corporation, requesting the same to be done, the commission or its engineer, or the county road engineer or supervisor, as the case may be, shall cause such obstructions and such poles and wires to be removed and reset, or such repairs on the excavation to be made, or such pipelines to be relaid or removed, as may be necessary to place the same in its original condition. The expense thereby incurred shall be paid in the first instance out of moneys levied and collected or available therefor, and the amount thereof shall be charged against such owner, occupant, company or corporation and levied and collected as provided in section four of this article.