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§17A-6-10c. Special demonstration plates for dealers in trailers, truck-tractors, road-tractors and trucks; application; fee.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this code, a new motor vehicle dealer or used motor vehicle dealer engaged in the business of selling trailers, truck-tractors, road-tractors or trucks that demonstrates the motor vehicles under actual work conditions to potential purchasers shall obtain a special demonstration plate from the Division of Motor Vehicles. The motor vehicle dealer may obtain special demonstration plates without first titling or registering each vehicle.

(b) The commissioner shall prescribe the application form for these special demonstration plates and shall require the applicant to submit proof of the applicant's status as a bona fide dealer in motor vehicles and to certify that the applicant needs special demonstration plates in the ordinary course of business.

The commissioner, upon approving an application, shall issue to the new motor vehicle dealer or used motor vehicle dealer up to four special demonstration plates which display the term "demonstration" or "demo" and a distinguishing number assigned to the motor vehicle dealer. The commissioner may issue no more than ten additional special demonstration plates to a licensee upon a showing that the licensee has sales or potential sales justifying additional plates. This showing may include, but is not limited to, the dealer's on-site inventory of the applicable type of vehicles, previous sales of applicable vehicles or the geographical divergence of the dealer's customer base.

(c) The annual fee for special demonstration plates is $100 for the first plate and $50 for each additional special demonstration plate that is issued, not to exceed a total of fourteen plates per dealer.

(d) Each motor vehicle dealer who is issued special demonstration plates shall keep a written record, on a form approved by the commissioner and open to inspection by a police officer or employee of the division, containing the following information:

(1) Identification of the motor vehicles upon which the special demonstration plates are used;

(2) The times and dates during which each special demonstration plate is used;

(3) The name and address of the company or individual using a motor vehicle on which a special demonstration plate is used; and (4) Other information considered necessary by the commissioner.

(e) Each motor vehicle operated under the provisions of this section is considered to be registered at the maximum vehicle weights allowable under article seventeen, chapter seventeen-c of this code.

(f) A motor vehicle dealer shall not:

(1) Use a special demonstration plate issued under the provisions of this section on a motor vehicle which is not being demonstrated;

(2) Use a special demonstration plate to demonstrate a single motor vehicle for more than seven calendar days in a calendar year for a single customer;

(3) Use a special demonstration plate on a motor vehicle leased or rented to a customer; or

(4) Use a special demonstration plate in any way other than to demonstrate the on-the-job capabilities of a motor vehicle to a potential purchaser.

(g) The motor vehicle dealer is required to furnish a certificate of insurance in the amount required by regulations of the West Virginia Public Service Commission or the United States Department of Transportation for the class of motor carrier for which the motor vehicle is to be demonstrated.