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Email: Chapter 17A, Article 6, Section 18A

§17A-6-18a. Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board.

(a) There is continued a Motor Vehicle Dealers Advisory Board to assist and to advise the commissioner on the administration of laws regulating the motor vehicle industry; to work with the commissioner in developing new laws, rules or policies regarding the motor vehicle industry; to advise the commissioner on setting documentary charges or similar charges motor vehicle dealers may charge consumers for documentary services in relation to securing a title, which such charges the commissioner is hereby granted authority to set; and to give the commissioner any further advice and assistance as he or she may, from time to time, require.

The board shall consist of nine members and the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, or his or her representative, who shall be an ex officio member. Two members shall represent new motor vehicle dealers, with one of these two members representing dealers that sell less than one hundred new vehicles per year; one member shall represent used motor vehicle dealers; one member shall represent wrecker/dismantler/rebuilders; one member shall represent automobile auctions; one member shall represent recreational dealers; one member shall represent the West Virginia Attorney General's office; and two members shall represent consumers. All of the representatives, except the Attorney General representative who shall be designated by the Attorney General, shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate, with no more than five representatives being from the same political party.

The terms of the board members shall be for three years. The Attorney General representative shall serve continuously.

The board shall meet at least four times annually and at the call of the commissioner.

(b) The commissioner shall consult with the board before he or she takes any disciplinary action against a dealer, an automobile auction or a license service to revoke or suspend a license, place the licensee on probation or levy a civil penalty, unless the commissioner determines that the consultation would endanger a criminal investigation.

(c) The commissioner may consult with the board by mail, by facsimile, by telephone or at a meeting of the board, but the commissioner is not bound by the recommendations of the board. The commissioner shall give members seven days from the date of a mailing or other notification to respond to proposed actions, except in those instances when the commissioner determines that the delay in acting creates a serious danger to the public's health or safety or would unduly compromise the effectiveness of the action.

(d) No action taken by the commissioner is subject to challenge or rendered invalid on account of his or her failure to consult with the board.

(e) The appointed members shall serve without compensation, however, members are entitled to reimbursement of travel and other necessary expenses actually incurred while engaged in legitimate board activities in accordance with the guidelines of the Travel Management Office of the Department of Administration or its successor agency.