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Email: Chapter 17A, Article 6, Section 1B

§17A-6-1b. Dealers authorized to issue motor vehicle registration.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision in this chapter, the division may allow a licensed motor vehicle dealer as defined in section one of this article, authority to issue or transfer motor vehicle registrations for vehicles sold by the dealer. The authority to issue and transfer motor vehicle registrations shall be contingent upon the dealer collecting all fees and taxes required for the titling and registration of vehicles, receiving proof of insurance as described in subsection (e), section three, article three of this chapter, and if applicable receiving the receipt showing full payment of personal property taxes in accordance with section three-a, article three of this chapter.

(b) Authorization to issue and transfer motor vehicle registrations shall be contingent on the dealer completing an application provided by the division and meeting all criteria established by the division. The authority shall also be contingent upon the dealer agreeing to participate fully in a computerized system of electronic submission of registration, titling and lien information and all fees and taxes required under the provisions of this chapter, either directly to the division or through an authorized service provider selected and approved by the division. Any transaction conducted under the provisions of this section shall be conditional pending the determination by the division that the application for title, registration and lien recordation is complete, accurate and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.

(c) The authority to participate in the electronic transmission of title, registration and lien information shall be immediately revoked upon revocation or cancellation of a dealer's license issued under the provisions of this chapter: Provided, That the authority to issue and transfer motor vehicle registrations may be revoked by the division immediately and separately from any other action against the dealer's license if the division determines that the terms of the agreement or agreements authorizing issuance, transfer or renewal of a vehicle registration or the electronic transmission of information have been violated.

(d) A fee established by the motor vehicle dealer advisory board may be charged by a motor vehicle dealer for its services required under this section.

(e) Only motor vehicle registrations of a type specified by the division may be issued, transferred or renewed by the authorized dealer.

(f) All fees and taxes collected by an authorized dealer under the provisions of this section shall be deposited in a financial institution designated by the division or the service provider in the manner prescribed by the division.

(g) The division may authorize a service provider to supply an authorized dealer with the necessary forms, supplies, registration plates and registration renewal decals necessary to enable the authorized dealer to perform the duties and functions specified in this section.

(1) Any service provider authorized to perform services under the provisions of this section shall post a bond of the applicant in the penal sum of $1 million, in the form prescribed by the commissioner, conditioned that the applicant will not in the conduct of business practice any fraud which, or make any fraudulent representation which, shall cause a financial loss to any dealer, financial institution or agency, or the State of West Virginia, with a corporate surety thereon authorized to do business in this state, which bond shall be effective as of the date on which the authorization to provide services commences.

(2) The service provider is solely responsible for the inventory, tracking, safety and reconciliation of all supplies, registration plates, registration decals or other motor vehicle credentialing items in accordance with procedures established by the division and subject to audits by the division.

(3) The division may rescind without notice the authority of a service provider to perform services when the division has cause to believe that any state or federal law has been violated or that the service provider is not adhering to the terms and conditions of the authorization agreement.

(h) The service provider and the authorized dealer assume full responsibility for the care, custody, control, disclosure and use of any information provided by the division in order to execute the duties and responsibilities required by this section. Each service provider and each authorized dealer agrees to ensure that the disclosure of information to it and its handling of information received from the division complies with all federal and state statutes and division directives governing the disclosure and protection of such information.

(i) The commissioner may enter into agreements with other states and jurisdictions granting licensed dealers regulated by other states and jurisdictions the authority to issue or transfer motor vehicle registrations for vehicles sold by the dealer in the same manner as dealers licensed by this state.