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Email: Chapter 17A, Article 6, Section 2

§17A-6-2. Legislative findings, declaration of public policy and dealer recovery fund.

(a) The Legislature hereby determines and finds that in the past some persons engaged in the business of selling new or used motor vehicles, house trailers, trailers, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, or used motor vehicle parts, and in the business of wrecking or dismantling motor vehicles, have not had the necessary qualifications, staff, equipment or facilities to adequately serve the public; that some persons engaged in the businesses have made false and deceptive claims and advertisements to the public and have engaged in fraud and other illegal conduct; that certain citizens of this state have sustained financial losses as a result thereof; and that in some of the cases there has been no adequate means to prevent the conduct or protect the interests of the citizens of West Virginia. It is, therefore, declared to be the public policy of this state that the business of new motor vehicle dealer, used motor vehicle dealer, house trailer dealer, trailer dealer, recreational vehicle dealer, motorcycle dealer, used parts dealer, or wrecker or dismantler, affects the general welfare of this state and its citizens; that persons without the necessary qualifications, staff, equipment or facilities to adequately serve the public, and persons not of good character or who have or are likely to attempt to misrepresent their product or engage in fraudulent or other illegal conduct should not engage in these businesses; and that the evils may best be prevented and the interests of the public best served by requiring persons in the businesses to meet the qualifications set forth in this article and to be licensed by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles as provided in this article.

(b) The Legislature further determines and finds that there exists a significant problem when a motor vehicle dealer goes out of business or engages in business practices that cause citizens or businesses of the affected community, as well as this state substantial financial loss. It is, therefore determined, that the creation of a dealer recovery fund is necessary as a remedial measure to allow both the state and the citizens of this state to recover any taxes which have not been properly remitted to the state and to provide financial relief to citizens, businesses and other motor vehicle dealers who have suffered financial harm through the failure of a motor vehicle dealer to properly fulfill its responsibilities such as failure to properly release liens and deliver clear title in motor vehicle transactions.