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Email: Chapter 17A, Article 6, Section 22

§17A-6-22. Original action by board; matters confidential.

In the event the commissioner shall receive a sworn complaint in writing alleging a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter by a licensee, and the commissioner does not within thirty days thereafter make and enter an order with respect thereto, the complainant may file a sworn complaint with the board. Upon receipt of any such sworn complaint, the board may investigate the matter, and hold a hearing with respect thereto and decide the matter with like effect as if the commissioner had made and entered an order and the licensee had appealed such order to the board. Any complaint and any investigation shall be kept in strictest confidence by the board, the commissioner, the department, the licensee, the complainant and all other persons, unless and until the commissioner or board suspends or revokes the license certificate of the licensee involved.