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Email: Chapter 17A, Article 6, Section 25

§17A-6-25. Inspections; violations and penalties.

(a) The commissioner and all law-enforcement officers of the state, acting at the commissioner's request, are hereby authorized to inspect the place of business, vehicles and pertinent records, documents and papers of any person required to be licensed under the provisions of this article to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to determine compliance with and violations of this article. For the purpose of making any such inspection, the commissioner and such law-enforcement officers are authorized, at reasonable times, to enter in and upon any such place of business and any other public garage or enclosure where vehicles are sold, stored, hired or repaired.

(b) Any person who shall violate any provision of this article or any final order of the commissioner or board hereunder shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, the provisions of article eleven of this chapter governing violations of this chapter generally shall be fully applicable thereto.