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Email: Chapter 18, Article 16, Section 4

§18-16-4. Enforcement by institutions.

(a) Anti-hazing policy. —The governing body of each institution of higher education in this state shall promulgate and enforce anti-hazing rules consistent with this article.

(b) Enforcement and penalties. —

(1) Each institution shall provide a program for the enforcement of rules promulgated pursuant to subsection (a) of this section and shall adopt appropriate penalties for violations thereof.

(2) Penalties may include recision of permission for an organization to operate on campus property or to otherwise operate under the sanction or recognition of the institution.

(3) All penalties imposed under the authority of this section shall be in addition to any penalty imposed for violation of §18-16-3 of this code or of any of the criminal laws of this state.

(4) Rules adopted pursuant hereto apply to acts conducted on or off campus whenever such acts constitute hazing as defined in §18-16-2 of this code.