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Email: Chapter 18, Article 17, Section 2

§18-17-2. Admission and record of applicants; special programs and services.

Deaf and/or blind youth residents in the state, between the ages of five and twenty-three, inclusive, shall be enrolled in the schools on application to the superintendent, until the schools are filled. Applicants shall be admitted by the superintendent on the basis of need and degree of impairment as determined by the schools' admissions committee. It shall be the duty of the superintendent to keep a careful record of the names of all applicants with the dates of their admission and discharge, their ages, post-office addresses, the names of their parents or guardians, and the degree, cause and circumstances of their deafness or blindness.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the school from providing special education programs including, but not limited to, classes, parent education, home teaching or visiting teacher services for deaf and blind children from birth. The schools may also enter into contractual arrangements with counties to provide evaluation, short-term instruction and other educational services, including direct instruction.

Any deaf or blind youth who is not a resident of the State of West Virginia may apply to the state board for admission to the school. The state board may approve such admission: Provided, That such youth shall be required to pay all related costs of attending the school.