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Email: Chapter 18, Article 17, Section 3

§18-17-3. Tuition, board and clothing of pupils; indigent clothing fund.

All such deaf pupils and blind pupils shall be admitted to the schools without charge for board and tuition. When not otherwise provided with clothing they shall be furnished therewith by the institution while they are pupils therein, and the superintendent shall make out an account therefor in each case against the county where the pupil receiving the clothing resided at the time the clothing was furnished, in an amount not exceeding $75 per annum for any one pupil, which account shall be sworn to by the superintendent and countersigned by the business manager and shall be transmitted by the superintendent to the Auditor of the state, who shall forward a copy thereof to the clerk of the county court of such county. The county court shall, at its next levy term, provide for the payment of the same and cause the amount to be paid directly to the West Virginia schools for the deaf and the blind to be deposited into the indigent clothing fund. All money so received shall be disbursed upon requisitions for the payment of accounts incurred thereunder. If any such accounts are not paid within a reasonable time after such levy term, it shall be the duty of the Auditor to collect the same.