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Email: Chapter 18, Article 17, Section 4

§18-17-4. Period of attendance; special admissions.

The pupils of said schools may continue therein until completion of the prescribed course of study, or a lesser period of time which the condition and progress of the pupils may justify, as determined by the state Board of Education upon recommendation of the school's superintendent. After all applicants between the prescribed ages of five and twenty-three years, inclusive, who are deaf or blind individuals working toward completion of the requirements for high school graduation have been enrolled, if there are additional accommodations, the superintendent, on recommendation of the admissions committee, may enroll other deaf pupils and blind pupils who first are of preschool age, and second are post-secondary students up to twenty-three years of age who have completed the requirements for high school graduation, and upon such terms as the state Board of Education may prescribe; but it shall be distinctly understood that such persons shall withdraw from the institution in the order of their admission to make room for new applicants between the ages prescribed in section two of this article.

Vocational education and other educational services may be provided for deaf and blind students beyond age twenty- three in cooperation with the division of vocational rehabilitation.