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Email: Chapter 18, Article 17, Section 6

§18-17-6. Registration of deaf and blind by assessors.

In addition to their other duties the county assessors of the state are hereby required to register the names of all deaf persons and blind persons under eighteen years of age in their respective counties, with the degree and cause of deafness and blindness in each case, as far as can be ascertained from the heads of the families or from other persons whom the county assessors may conveniently consult, their ages, the names of their parents or guardians, their post-office addresses, and such other facts as may be useful in making the institution efficient in the education of the deaf and of the blind. They shall complete the registration on or before June one of each year and forward their report to the State Superintendent of Schools and to the superintendent of the West Virginia schools for the deaf and the blind on or before July one of each year. The superintendent shall immediately communicate with the parents or guardians of all the deaf persons and the blind persons mentioned in the assessor's report, with a view of their admission as pupils into said schools.