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Email: Chapter 18, Article 17, Section 9

§18-17-9. Employment of auxiliary and service personnel, dismissal and suspension procedures.

The state board is authorized to employ such auxiliary and service personnel as is deemed necessary for meeting the needs of the schools for the deaf and blind. Before entering upon their duties such personnel shall execute with the board a written contract which may be in a letter form and shall state the classification and terms of work, the employment period and pay, and shall certify that said employment has been made a matter of minute record. The letter shall provide space for an acceptance provision and shall be signed and returned to the board by the employee, or otherwise he shall forfeit his right to employment.

After three years of acceptable employment each auxiliary and service personnel, at the end of his contractual period of employment shall be notified in writing on or before May 1 in the year in which such employment shall terminate if he is not to be reemployed for the ensuing year. Such notice shall be by certified mail, return receipt requested, and the employee shall have the right of a hearing before the state board, if requested, before final action is taken by the board upon the termination of such employment.