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Email: Chapter 18A, Article 2, Section 7A

§18A-2-7a. Statewide job bank.

(a) The state board shall establish and maintain a statewide job bank to assist the recruitment and reemployment of experienced professional personnel. The job bank shall consist of the following for each county:

(1) A list of the names, qualifications, and contact information of all professional personnel who have been terminated because of a reduction in force, except personnel who have requested in writing that they not be listed in the job bank;

(2) A list of professional positions for which the county is seeking applicants; and

(3) A total compensation statement for each listed position.

(b) The job bank shall be accessible electronically to each county and to individuals on a read only basis, except that each county shall have the capability of editing information for the county and shall be responsible for maintaining current information on the county lists.

(c) The following terms are defined as follows:

(1) “Direct compensation” means base salary and incentives that are provided regularly and consistently.

(2) “Indirect compensation” means any noncash benefit provided to an employee, including, but not limited to:

(A) Health insurance;

(B) Dental insurance;

(C) Vision insurance;

(D) Life insurance;

(E) Disability income protection;

(F) Retirement benefits;

(G) Employer student loan contributions or other employee assistance programs;

(H) Educational benefits;

(I) Childcare;

(J) Relocation benefits; and

(K) Vacation leave, sick leave, and any other form of paid time-off.

(3) “Total compensation statement” means a list of direct and indirect compensation provided or offered for a position, including an itemized list of the types of compensation provided or offered and a cumulative total of the value of all compensation provided or offered.