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Email: Chapter 18B, Article 8, Section 5

§18B-8-5. Notice to probationary faculty members of retention or nonretention; hearing.

(a) For the purposes of this section, "Probationary faculty member" means the definition adopted in a joint rule promulgated by the commission and council. The rights provided to probationary faculty members by this section are in addition to, and not in lieu of, other rights afforded to them by other rules and other provisions of law.

(b) The president of each state institution of higher education shall give written notice concerning retention or nonretention for the ensuing academic year to a probationary faculty member not later than March 1.

(c) If a probationary faculty member who is not retained so requests, the president or his or her designee shall inform the probationary faculty member by certified mail within ten days of the reasons for nonretention. A probationary faculty member who desires to appeal the decision may proceed to level three of the grievance procedure established in article two, chapter six-c of this code. If the administrative law judge decides that the reasons for nonretention are arbitrary, capricious or without a factual basis, the faculty member shall be retained for the ensuing academic year.