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Email: Chapter 19, Article 1, Section 3

§19-1-3. Employees; itemized statement of expenditures; monthly statement and payment of moneys received by commissioner.

The commissioner shall organize his or her department and may employ a general counsel and other such legal, business, science, and technical professionals, para-professionals, and experts, and employees as may be necessary to perform the duties of the office. He or she shall fix their compensation and may require them to give bond for the faithful performance of their duties.

The commissioner shall certify to the State Auditor, from time to time, an itemized account of all expenditures made by him or her for employee hire and other purposes, whereupon the Auditor shall draw his or her warrant on the State Treasurer for the payment thereof out of the funds appropriated by the Legislature for that purpose, but in no case to exceed such appropriation.

The commissioner shall, within 10 days after the expiration of each month, submit to the Auditor and Treasurer an itemized statement of all moneys received by him or her during that month, and at the same time pay such money into the State Treasury.