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Email: Chapter 19, Article 10A, Section 3

§19-10A-3. Permits and registration.

(a) The commissioner shall issue an "Egg Distributor Permit" to every person distributing eggs in West Virginia. Each egg distributor shall apply to the commissioner of agriculture for this permit on forms provided by the commissioner at least thirty days prior to distributing eggs in West Virginia and shall renew his or her permit annually at least thirty days prior to the expiration of his or her current permit.

(b) For the purposes of financing the administration and enforcement of this article, the State of West Virginia, through the West Virginia Department of Agriculture shall collect an inspection and permit fee from the distributor first introducing the eggs into West Virginia trade channels.

(c) The commissioner shall set an inspection fee and annual permit fee by legislative rule for the distribution of all shell eggs processed or sold in the State of West Virginia.

(d) All fees, interest, penalties or other moneys collected by the commissioner under the provisions of this article shall be paid into a special account and be expended upon the order of the commissioner for the purpose of the enforcement and administration of this article.

(e) An egg distributor shall conspicuously post his or her permit in the place of business to which it applies. The permit year is twelve months or any fraction thereof beginning July 1, and ending June 30 of each year.

(f) No permit is transferable. Each physical location where eggs are stored for distribution shall have a separate egg distributor permit.

(g) Producers exempted by the commissioner by legislative rule shall register with the West Virginia Department of Agriculture but are exempt from paying the permit or inspection fee pursuant to the provisions of section four of this article.

(h) The provisions of this article are applicable to all retailers, wholesalers, packers and distributors of eggs.

(i) The commissioner has the power to revoke or suspend the certificate for failure to comply with the provisions of this article and refuse to issue a certificate to willful violators.