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Email: Chapter 19, Article 10A, Section 6

§19-10A-6. Prohibited acts.

(a) If an authorized representative of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture determines, after an inspection, that any lot of eggs is in violation of this article, the representative may issue an embargo under the provisions of section ten of this article. An embargo shall specify the reason for its issuance and prohibit the sale, use of or transportation of eggs in any manner until the embargo is released by the commissioner.

The commissioner shall determine and assess violations of this article to the packer, repacker, distributor or retailer.

(b) No person, firm or corporation may sell, traffic in or deliver to the retail or consuming trade, any eggs that are:

(1) Loss, inedible, denatured or leaker eggs;

(2) Not refrigerated; or

(3) Mislabeled or deceptively advertised.

(c) No person may sell eggs for resale to consumers below "U.S. Consumer Grade B".

(d) No person may prepare, pack, place, deliver for shipment, deliver for sale, load, ship, transport, offer for sale in bulk containers or advertise by sign, placard or otherwise any eggs for human consumption which are mislabeled or deceptive.

(e) No person or retailer may repack eggs in cartons which were previously used and labeled by a packer, except as outlined in legislative rule.

(f) No person may distribute eggs without a valid egg distributor's permit.

(g) No person may store or transport eggs unless held under refrigeration as outlined in legislative rule.

(h) No person may offer for sale or expose for sale shell eggs that are in containers that are dirty, broken or not free from foreign odor.