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Email: Chapter 19, Article 11A, Section 3

§19-11A-3. Permits.

(a) Permits are not transferable with respect to persons or locations.

(b) Application for all permits shall be made on forms supplied by the commissioner and shall provide such information as may be considered necessary by the commissioner.

(c) Permits shall be posted prominently at the place of operation.

(d) A dairy products distributors permit shall be issued by the commissioner to each person distributing dairy products in this state, even if there is no permanent location maintained in this state. Persons maintaining multiple permanent locations in this state or distributing into this state from several locations shall obtain a permit for each location. Application shall be made at least fifteen days before the date that the current permit expires or within fifteen days of the date that the person intends to engage in business. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of $15. A penalty of $2 shall be added to all permits that are not applied for or renewed within this time limit. Permits shall expire on March 31 following date of issue: Provided, That firms that have a permit with an expiration date of June 30, 1991, on the date of implementation of this article shall be allowed to make application for a dairy products permit for the period of July 1, 1991, through March 31, 1992, at a fee of $10.

(e) A dairy products distributors permit is not required for persons who distribute only aseptically processed and hermetically sealed dairy products or frozen desserts, dry dairy products or dry frozen dessert mixes.

(f) A temporary marketing permit may be issued by the commissioner for the marketing of dairy products that are not covered by an established standard. The temporary permit may be issued according to procedures established by rule. Persons applying for a temporary marketing permit shall have a valid dairy products distributors permit. There is no fee for the permit.