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Email: Chapter 19, Article 11A, Section 9

§19-11A-9. Approved laboratories.

(a) Each person who desires to have his laboratory approved by the commissioner for testing official dairy product or imitation dairy product samples as herein provided shall first satisfy the commissioner that tests to be made in such laboratory shall be conducted by qualified persons, with adequate facilities and that such tests are performed accurately and according to methods approved by the commissioner.

(b) For the purpose of determining whether a laboratory shall be designated as an approved laboratory the commissioner shall designate a qualified person or persons to inspect the laboratory, its equipment, facilities and personnel at the expense of the applying laboratory, and thereafter may have similar inspections made at the expense of the approved laboratory for the purpose of determining whether or not such approval should be continued.

(c) The commissioner may accept the test results of any laboratory that has been approved under this article: Provided, That the commissioner shall not accept the test results of any approved laboratory for samples manufactured, distributed or used by a firm the same as or related to the approved laboratory.