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Email: Chapter 19, Article 11B, Section 1

§19-11B-1. Purpose.

The legislative intent of this article is to protect, promote and preserve the public health and general welfare and to prevent fraud and deception in the manufacture, sale, offering for sale, exposing for sale, and possession with intent to sell, frozen desserts and products resembling frozen desserts for human consumption. Further, the Legislature recognizes that advances in food technology have resulted in the development of a variety of products of similar usage as standardized frozen desserts that are so similar in appearance, odor and taste that they are difficult to differentiate from frozen desserts. Therefore, this article shall regulate these products in addition to frozen desserts, establish definitions and standards for such foods or labeling requirements by rules which effect their orderly marketing and ensure similar sanitary standards for frozen desserts and imitation frozen desserts.

Except where otherwise indicated, it is the intent of the Legislature that this article substantially conform with the federal regulations promulgated under the authority of the United States secretary of health and human services in order to provide for the movement of frozen desserts and imitation frozen desserts in interstate and intrastate commerce with a minimum of economic barriers.