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Email: Chapter 19, Article 12, Section 14

§19-12-14. Permit required to sell, transport, etc., plant pests or noxious weeds.

No person may sell, barter, expose, offer for sale or move, transport, deliver, ship or offer for shipment into or within this state any plant pest or other insects or noxious weeds in any living stage without first obtaining either a federal permit, where applicable, or a state permit from the commissioner. A state permit may be issued only after it has been determined that the plant pests or other insects or noxious weeds are not injurious, are generally present already or are for scientific purposes subject to specified safeguards. If a permit, which addresses environmental safety, has been issued by the appropriate federal regulatory agency in consultation with the commissioner, no state permit is required. If the appropriate federal regulatory agency determines that a permit is unnecessary, the commissioner may, if he or she deems it necessary to protect West Virginia's agricultural interests, require a state permit.