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Email: Chapter 19, Article 15A, Section 1

§19-15A-1. Definitions of words and terms.

As used in this article:

(a) "Agricultural liming material" means a product that contains calcium and magnesium carbonate, hydroxide or oxide which are capable of neutralizing soil acidity.

(b) "Brand" means the term, designation, trademark, product name or other specific designation under which individual agricultural liming materials are offered for sale.

(c) "Bulk" means materials in nonpackaged form.

(d) "Burnt lime" means a calcined material comprised chiefly of calcium oxide in natural association with lesser amounts of magnesium, and which is capable of slaking with water.

(e) "Calcium carbonate equivalent" (CCE) is an expression of the acid-neutralizing capacity of an agricultural liming material relative to that of a pure calcium carbonate, expressed as a percentage.

(f) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Agriculture of the State of West Virginia or his or her duly authorized agent.

(g) "Distributor" means any person who sells or offers for sale agricultural liming products that are registered pursuant to this article, but does not include persons who retail registered products in nonbulk form to the ultimate consumer.

(h) "Dolomite" means an agricultural liming material composed chiefly of carbonates of magnesium and calcium in substantially equimolar (1-1.19) proportions.

(i) "Embargo" means an order prohibiting the sale, processing, mixing, transporting and use of any product.

(j) "Fineness" means the percentage by weight of the material which will pass U.S. standard sieves of specific sizes.

(k) "Ground shells" means a material obtained by grinding the shells of mollusks.

(l) "High calcic liming material" means an agricultural liming material containing at least twenty-five percent calcium and at least ninety-one percent of the total calcium and magnesium is calcium.

(m) "High magnesic liming material" means an agricultural liming material containing at least six percent magnesium.

(n) "Hydrated lime" means a material made from burnt lime.

(o) "Industrial coproduct" means any industrial waste or by-product containing calcium or calcium and magnesium in forms that will neutralize soil acidity which may be designated by prefixing the name of the industry or process by which it is produced, including, but not limited to: Gas-house lime, tanners' lime, acetylene lime-waste, lime-kin ashes and calcium silicate.

(p) "Label" means any written or printed matter on or attached to the package or on the delivery ticket which accompanies bulk shipments.

(q) "Limestone" means a material consisting essentially of calcium carbonate or a combination of calcium carbonate with magnesium carbonate capable of neutralizing soil acidity.

(r) "Marl" means a granular or loosely consolidated earthy material composed largely of shell fragments and calcium carbonate precipitated in ponds.

(s) "Percent or percentage" means a part of a whole expressed in hundredths by weight.

(t) "Person" means any individual, partnership, association, fiduciary, firm, corporation or any organized group of persons whether incorporated or not.

(u) "Registrant" is a person who registers agricultural liming materials by product and is responsible for the guarantee of the product.

(v) "Type" means the designation given to the product from its source material.

(w) "Ton" means a weight of two thousand pounds avoirdupois.

(x) "Weight" means the weight of undried liming material as offered for sale.