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Email: Chapter 19, Article 15A, Section 2

§19-15A-2. Registration of brands; registration fees.

(a) Agricultural liming material may not be used, sold or offered for sale in the state unless it has been registered with the commissioner.

(b) Application for registration shall be made to the commissioner on forms approved or supplied by the commissioner. Each separately identified agricultural liming material shall be registered before being distributed or used in the state.

(c) The commissioner shall collect a registration fee for each brand of the agricultural liming material registered and a registration fee from all distributors of agricultural liming materials. The commissioner shall set the registration fees by legislative rule.

(d) All registrations shall expire at the end of the calendar year of issue unless sooner revoked by the commissioner as provided in section six of this article.

(e) Valid registrants of agricultural liming materials are exempt from obtaining a distributors permit, unless distributing another registrants product.