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Email: Chapter 19, Article 15A, Section 7

§19-15A-7. Deficiency assessment, tolerances and payment.

(a) A registrant shall pay a deficiency assessment in accordance with the provisions of this section for each lot of agricultural liming material found to be deficient in its guaranteed analysis. Deficiencies existing in more than one component shall be considered additional violations.

(b) A registrant shall pay the deficiency assessment to the ultimate consumer of the product and deliver receipts for the payment to the commissioner. If the ultimate consumer is not known, the penalty assessed shall be paid to the commissioner and deposited as set forth in section nine of this article.

(c) If a deficiency assessment has not been paid within sixty days of the notice of the assessment, then a late payment penalty, as established by legislative rule, will be added for each one hundred eighty days that the assessment remains unpaid.