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Email: Chapter 19, Article 21A, Section 11

§19-21A-11. Authority of governmental divisions to expend money for works of improvement; levy.

The governing body of any governmental division which may reasonably be expected to receive a benefit from the construction, improvement, operation or maintenance of any works of improvement may expend money for such construction, improvement, operation or maintenance if this expectation exists as to any part of the governmental division and even though such works of improvement are not located within the corporate limits of the governmental division or are not within this state: Provided, That if the expenditure is not made directly by the governmental division for such purpose, it shall be made only through a conservation district or watershed improvement district organized under the laws of this state, but it shall not be necessary that any part of the governmental division be within the limits of the district through which the expenditure is made. The governing bodies or governmental divisions may set up in their respective budgets funds to be spent for such purposes and municipalities and counties may levy and collect taxes for such purposes in the manner provided by law: Provided, however, That in case sufficient funds cannot be raised by ordinary levies, additional funds may be raised by municipalities and counties as provided by section sixteen, article eight, chapter eleven of this code.