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Email: Chapter 19, Article 21A, Section 12

§19-21A-12. Assurances of cooperation by governmental division.

(a) By vote of the governing body, any governmental division authorized to expend money on works of improvement by section eleven of this article may alone, or in combination with any other governmental division or divisions authorized to expend money on works of improvement, give assurances, by contract or otherwise, satisfactory to agencies of the United States, congressional committees or other proper federal authority and to conservation districts or watershed improvement districts organized under the laws of this state that the governmental division or divisions will construct, improve, operate or maintain works of improvement or will appropriate a sum or sums of money and expend it for such purposes as provided in section eleven of this article.

(b) The assurances, whether by contract or otherwise, shall be reduced to writing and before final approval of the governing bodies involved shall be submitted to the Attorney General for approval. After approval by the Attorney General and by the governing body or bodies concerned, certified copies of the assurances shall be filed in the office of the county clerk of the county or counties in which the governmental division is located and in the office of the State Tax Commissioner.

(c) Any assurance hereunder may be valid and binding for a period of time not to exceed fifty years.