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§19-21A-4a. Administration of West Virginia Conservation Agency programs; legislative rules.

(a) If a conservation district supervisor applies to participate in a West Virginia Conservation Agency financial assistance program, then his or her application for that particular program shall be evaluated for approval or denial by the West Virginia Conservation Agency.

(b) A conservation district supervisor may not vote for the authorization, approval or ratification of a contract in which he or she or an immediate family member is beneficially interested.

(c) The State Conservation Committee shall propose rules for legislative approval pursuant to article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to establish:

(1) The criteria, ranking and standards required for an applicant to qualify to participate in West Virginia Conservation Agency programs;

(2) A process to disclose the recipients of the award; and

(3) The process for an unsuccessful qualified applicant to appeal an award.

(d) The State Conservation Committee may propose emergency rules as necessary to implement the provisions of this section.