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Email: Chapter 19, Article 9, Section 33

§19-9-33. Payment of indemnity.

All claims for indemnity for animals euthanized as having tuberculosis shall be paid in the manner prescribed in section thirty-seven of this article. In all other cases when animals are euthanized as provided in this article the veterinarian shall forthwith forward to the commissioner the certificates of appraisal and euthanasia, together with the owner's claim for indemnity, and the owner's affidavit that the owner has in all respects complied with the agreement provided for in section twenty-eight of this article, and with any other requirements prescribed by the commissioner. If the certificates, claim and affidavit are correct and the claim is not barred by section twenty-nine of this article, the commissioner shall approve and file them. The commissioner shall, at the end of each fiscal year, issue a requisition to the State Auditor for two thirds of the value of the approved certificates: Provided, That in case of an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, or any other dangerously contagious or infectious disease among bovine animals, ovine animals, or swine, on account of which such animals are being euthanized by cooperative order of federal and state authority, and for which euthanized animals the federal government pays one half of the indemnity, this state shall pay one half, and only one half, of such indemnity. The State Auditor shall issue a warrant on the state Treasurer, in favor of the claimant, for the amount ordered by the commissioner, which shall be paid out of the current appropriation for administering this article: Provided, however, That in case the amount of the certificates of appraisal, and of those described in section thirty-seven of this article, in any one year, exceeds the current appropriation therefor, the certificates shall be paid pro rata at the end of each fiscal year.