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Email: Chapter 22C, Article 3, Section 8

§22C-3-8. Power of board to collect service charges and exercise other powers of governmental agencies in event of default; power to require governmental agencies to enforce their rights.

In order to ensure that the public purposes to be served by the board may be properly carried out and in order to assure the timely payment to the board of all sums due and owing under loan agreements with governmental agencies, as referred to in section five of this article, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary elsewhere contained in this code, in event of any default by a governmental agency under such a loan agreement, the board has, and may, at its option, exercise the following rights and remedies in addition to the rights and remedies conferred by law or pursuant to said loan agreement:

(1) The board may directly impose, in its own name and for its own benefit, service charges determined by it to be necessary under the circumstances upon all users of the solid waste disposal project to be acquired or constructed pursuant to such loan agreement, and proceed directly to enforce and collect such service charges, together with all necessary costs of such enforcement and collection.

(2) The board may exercise, in its own name or in the name of and as agent for the governmental agency, all of the rights, authority, powers and remedies of the governmental agency with respect to the solid waste disposal project or which may be conferred upon the governmental agency by statute, rule, regulation or judicial decision, including, without limitation, all rights and remedies with respect to users of such solid waste disposal project.

(3) The board may, by civil action, mandamus or other judicial or administrative proceeding, compel performance by such governmental agency of all of the terms and conditions of such loan agreement including, without limitation, the adjustment and increase of service charges as required to repay the loan or otherwise satisfy the terms of such loan agreement, the enforcement and collection of such service charges and the enforcement by such governmental agency of all rights and remedies conferred by statute, rule, regulation or judicial decision.