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§29-1-2. General powers of curator.

The curator shall assign and allocate space in all facilities assigned to the department and all space in the building presently known as the West Virginia Science and Culture Center, and any other buildings or sites under the control of the curator, and may, in accordance with the provisions of chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, prescribe rules, regulations and fees for the use and occupancy of said facilities, including tours.

The curator shall coordinate the operations and affairs of the sections and commissions of the department and assign each section or commission responsibilities according to criteria the curator deems most efficient, productive and best calculated to carry out the purposes of this article. The curator shall provide to the fullest extent possible for centralization and coordination of the bookkeeping, personnel, purchasing, printing, duplicating, binding and other services which can be efficiently combined. The curator may establish such other sections for such purposes as he or she deems necessary, and may appoint directors thereof. The curator may appoint a director of the West Virginia Science and Culture Center. The curator shall serve as the state historic preservation officer.

After consultation with the section directors and the commissions, the curator shall prepare a proposed department budget for submission to the Governor for each fiscal year.

No contract, agreement or undertaking may be entered into by any section of the department which involves the expenditure of funds without the express written approval of the curator as to fiscal responsibility.

The curator shall prepare and submit to the Governor an annual report in accordance with the provisions of §5-1-20 of this code, which report shall include a detailed account of the activities of each section and commission of the department.

The curator shall employ all personnel for the sections, except for persons in the professional positions established within the sections as provided in this article; and shall supply support services to the commissions and to the Governor’s Mansion Advisory Committee.