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Email: Chapter 29, Article 12A, Section 17

§29-12A-17. Liability insurance rates; rate filings; cancellations; group insurance.

(a) Liability insurance coverage for political subdivisions in effect on the effective date of this article shall not be reduced without the written consent of the insured and the policy premiums for such coverage shall not be increased by more than ten percent per annum. Such coverage shall not be cancelled except for:

(1) Failure to make premium payments in accordance with the policy requirements;

(2) Fraud or substantial misrepresentation by the insured in the procurement of the policy; or

(3) Substantial increase in the risk of loss to which the insurer is exposed under the policy.

(b) Each casualty insurance rate filing relating to liability insurance for political subdivisions shall be accompanied by such information as the Insurance Commissioner requires to determine claims payouts, premium income, investment income, loss reserves, federal and state credits, administrative and operating expenses, profits, losses, and such other information deemed necessary by the commissioner to determine the profitability of such insurance business engaged in by the company. Based upon such information, the commissioner may approve or disapprove an increase in premiums charged to the political subdivisions for such coverage or may require that such premiums charged by decreased. The commissioner shall have authority to disapprove any casualty insurance rate filing which includes such coverage to political subdivisions for failure to provide the information prescribed herein.

(c) Any two or more political subdivisions shall have authority to form an organization or association for the purpose of purchasing casualty insurance on a group or pooling basis.

Any insurer licensed to transact casualty insurance in this state may issue group casualty insurance policies to any organization, association or pool which is organized and maintained under this section.

(d) The Insurance Commissioner shall promulgate legislative rules or regulations pursuant to chapter twenty-nine-a of this code setting forth guidelines relating to rate filings, rates and cancellations with respect to insurance companies transacting policies of casualty insurance with political subdivisions and relating to establishment of associations or pools for the purchase of group insurance and the setting of group rates.