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§29-1A-1. Appointment and qualification; how vacancies filled.

Within thirty days after the effective date of this article, the Governor, upon the recommendation of the executive council of the West Virginia bar association, of a list of seven eligible persons, shall appoint therefrom three commissioners, no more than two of whom shall be members of the same political party, and each of whom shall be members of the bar of this state, in good standing, or of the judiciary of this state, who shall constitute and be known as the commission on uniform state laws, and upon the death, resignation or refusal to serve of any of the commissioners so appointed, the Governor, upon like recommendation, shall make an appointment to fill the vacancy so caused, such new appointment to be for the unexpired balance of the term of the original appointee.

§29-1A-2. Term of office; expenses.

Each of said commissioners shall hold office for a term of four years, and until their successors are duly appointed, but nothing herein contained shall be construed to render a commissioner who has faithfully performed his duties ineligible for reappointment. No member of said commission shall receive any compensation for his services as commissioner, but each commissioner shall be entitled to receive his actual disbursements for expenses in performing the duties of his office, and an account of which expenses, shall be approved by the chairman and paid by the State Auditor as other claims authorized by law.

§29-1A-2a. Life members.

In addition to the commissioners appointed and serving pursuant to other provisions of this article, any person who serves as a member of the commission for twenty years and because of such years of service is appointed by the national conference of commissioners on uniform state laws as a life member of such conference shall remain as an additional member of the commission, and shall have the same duties, responsibilities and privileges as any member of the commission appointed by the Governor.

§29-1A-3. Meetings and officers.

The commissioners shall meet at the state Capitol at least once in two years and shall organize by the election of one of their number as chairman and another as secretary, who shall hold their respective offices for a term of two years and until their successors are elected and qualified.

§29-1A-4. Duties of commission to secure uniformity in state laws; report to Legislature.

It shall be the duty of each of said commissioners to attend the meeting of the national conference of commissioners on uniform state laws, or to arrange for the attendance of at least one of their number at such national conference, and in such national conference they shall do all in their power to promote uniformity in state laws, upon all subjects where uniformity may be deemed desirable and practicable; said commission shall report to the Legislature at each regular session, and from time to time thereafter as said commission may deem proper, an account of its transactions, and its advice and recommendations for legislation. This report shall be printed for presentation to each Legislature.



Acts, 2010 Reg. Sess., Ch. 32.