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Email: Chapter 29, Article 1B, Section 6

§29-1B-6. Commission may establish delegations and committees.

The commission shall establish such delegations and committees as it deems advisable, in order that they may confer and formulate proposals concerning effective means to secure intergovernmental harmony, and may perform other functions for the commission in obedience to its decisions. Subject to the approval of the commission, the member or members of each such delegation or committee shall be appointed by the chairman of the commission. State officials or employees who are not members of the commission on interstate cooperation may be appointed as members of any such delegation or committee, but private citizens holding no governmental position in this state shall not be eligible. The commission may provide such other rules as it considers appropriate concerning the membership and the functioning of any such delegation or committee. The commission may provide for advisory boards for itself and for its various delegations and committees, and may authorize private citizens to serve on such boards.