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Email: Chapter 29, Article 22, Section 23

§29-22-23. Procurement; disclosures by vendors and related persons and entities; authorizing background investigation; unenforceability of contracts in contravention of section.

(a) The commission shall utilize the provisions of article three, chapter five-a of this code in the procurement of all commodities, printing, services and goods, materials, lottery tickets and other items necessary for the commission and lottery, subject to the provisions of subsection (b) of this section.

(b) For the printing of tickets used in any lottery game, any goods or services involving the receiving or recording of number selection of any lottery game, or any goods or services involving the determination of winners on any lottery game, which are hereby referred to as major procurements, the commission shall evaluate the competence, integrity, character, reputation and background of the vendor. To allow for this evaluation, potential vendors shall supply the following information prior to the submission of an initial bid or proposal and on or before July 1, of each year thereafter;

(1) If the vendor is a corporation, the officers, directors and each stockholder in such corporation; except that, in the case of stockholders of publicly held equity securities of a publicly traded corporation, only the names and address of those known to the corporation to own beneficially five percent or more of such securities need be disclosed; and

(2) If the vendor is a partnership or joint venture, all of the general and limited partners or joint venturers; if such general and limited partners or joint venturers are themselves a partnership, joint venture, trust, association, corporation, subsidiary or intermediary corporation, the same information required by this section shall be supplied for such entities also;

(3) If the vendor is a trust, the name of the trustee;

(4) If the vendor is an association, the members, officers and directors; and

(5) If the vendor intends to or does subcontract to another person or entity any integral or substantial portion of the work to be performed in supplying such materials or equipment, then the vendor shall supply the above-mentioned information for all such persons or entities.

(6) The following information shall also be submitted:

(A) Other jurisdictions in which the vendor has contracts to supply gaming materials or equipment and the types of gaming materials or equipment involved therewith;

(B) The details of any felony conviction of a criminal offense, state or federal, of the vendor or any person whose name and address are required by this section;

(C) The details of any disciplinary action of a judicial nature relating to gaming taken by any state or person against the vendor or any person whose name and address are required by this section;

(D) The number of years the vendor has been in the business of supplying gaming materials or equipment;

(E) A disclosure of each state and jurisdiction in which the vendor has been denied, or has had revoked a gaming license of any kind, and the disposition of such in each such state or jurisdiction. If any gaming license has been revoked or has not been renewed or any gaming license application has been either denied or is pending and has remained pending for more than six months, all of the facts and circumstances underlying such failure to receive such license must be disclosed;

(F) A disclosure of the details of any bankruptcy, insolvency, reorganization or any pending litigation relating to gaming of each vendor;

(G) A signed authorization by each vendor and officer thereof allowing the deputy director for security to conduct a background investigation of such person; and

(H) Such other information, accompanied by such documents, as the commission, by rule or contract procurement documents, may require as being necessary or appropriate in the public interest to accomplish the purposes of this section.

(c) No contract for the supply of gaming materials or equipment for use in the operation of the state lottery is enforceable against the state if the provisions of this section are not complied with.