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Email: Chapter 29, Article 25, Section 24

§29-25-24. Individual gaming restrictions.

(a) An individual may enter a designated gaming area or remain in a designated gaming area only if the individual:

(1) Is either;

(A) A registered overnight guest at the historic resort hotel on whose premises the gaming facility is located;

(B) A person who is a not a registered overnight guest, but is a registered participant at a convention or event being held at the historic resort hotel: Provided, That this paragraph does not apply on any calendar day when less than four hundred guest rooms are occupied at the historic resort hotel; or

(C) A member of a homeowner or facility association that entitles members to substantial privileges at the historic resort hotel on whose premises the gaming facility is located or an overnight guest of such a member: Provided, That the association was in existence as of April 1, 2009;

(2) Is at least twenty-one years of age;

(3) Is not visibly intoxicated;

(4) Has not been determined by the gaming facility operator or the commission to be unruly, disruptive or otherwise interfering with operation of the gaming facility; or to be likely to commit, or to attempt to commit, a violation of this article; and

(5) Has not been barred by the commission from entering a gaming facility.

(b) Notwithstanding any provisions of this code to the contrary, no employee of the commission or any member of his or her immediate household may wager at the gaming facility, and no licensed limited gaming facility employee may wager on any table game at the limited gaming facility.