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Email: Chapter 29, Article 3D, Section 4A

§29-3D-4a. Veteran qualification for license as a journeyman sprinkler fitter or a sprinkler fitter in training.

Any person who has served as a member of the United States armed forces, National Guard, or reserve, and who has successfully completed the course of instruction required to qualify him or her for rating as a fire protection officer or other equivalent rating in his or her particular branch of the armed forces, which provided the veteran direct experience installing, adjusting, repairing, and dismantling fire protection systems, and whose service in the armed forces was under honorable conditions, may submit to the State Fire Marshal a photostatic copy of a certificate issued to him or her certifying successful completion of such course of instruction and documentation evidencing the number of hours of experience the veteran possesses, a photostatic copy of his or her discharge from the armed forces, an application for a certification as a journeyman sprinkler fitter or sprinkler fitter in training, and the prescribed license fee.

If the certificate and discharge, as evidenced by the photostatic copies thereof, documentation of hours of training and experience, and prescribed license fee are in order, and if the veteran meets all of the requirements of this article, the veteran shall be permitted to take the same examination or examinations as are required under this article for applicants who do not apply for a license under the provisions of this article: Provided, That the veteran may be required to attend additional training courses prior to taking the examination if more than 30 years have passed from his or her successful completion of the course of instruction and date of application. If the veteran passes the examination or examinations, he or she shall be licensed as a sprinkler fitter in training or a journeyman sprinkler fitter and shall thereafter be subject to all of the provisions of this article. If the veteran does not pass the examination or examinations, any provisions of this article relating to reexaminations shall apply to the veteran the same as they apply to a person who does not apply for a license under the provisions of this article.