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Email: Chapter 3, Article 1, Section 25

§3-1-25. Supplies by special messenger.

In case any commissioner of election or poll clerk fails to appear at the offices of the clerk of the county commission by the close of the clerk's office on the day prior to any election, the board of ballot commissioners, the chairman or the clerk of the county commission shall forthwith dispatch a special messenger to the commissioners of election of each respective precinct with the ballots, registration records, ballot boxes, poll books and other supplies for the precinct. The messenger, if not a county employee, shall be allowed $5 for this service. The messenger shall also receive mileage up to the rate of reimbursement authorized by the travel management rule of the Department of Administration for each mile necessarily traveled in the performance of his or her services. The messenger shall promptly report to the clerk of county commission and file with the clerk the receipts of the person to whom he or she delivered the ballots and other supplies and his or her affidavit stating when and to whom he or she delivered them.