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§3-2-4. Authority and responsibility of the clerk of the county commission and of the county commission relating to voter registration.

(a) Subject to the authority of the Secretary of State, the clerk of the county commission shall be the chief registration authority in each respective county and all subdivisions therein, and shall supervise their deputies, employees, and registrars in the performance of their respective duties.

(b) The county commission of each county shall allocate sufficient resources for the proper and efficient performance of duties relating to voter registration as required by law, and shall provide for temporary clerical assistance necessary for systematic purging procedures or other duties of short duration required by the provisions of this article.

(c) The county commission shall have authority on its own motion to summon and examine any person concerning the registration of voters, to investigate any irregularities in registration, to summon and examine witnesses, to require the production of any relevant books and papers, and to conduct hearings on any matters relating to the registration of voters.

(d) The clerk of the county commission shall be responsible for the administration of voter registration within the county and shall establish procedures and practices which ensure the full implementation of the requirements of federal and state laws and rules relating to voter registration, and which ensure nondiscriminatory practices. The clerk of the county commission, at his or her discretion, may maintain and store all voter registration records in a digital format: Provided, That prior to destroying any physical voter registration records, the clerk of the county commission shall follow the records destruction process and digital copy creation requirements set forth in W.Va. Code § 3-2-29.