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§3-3-9. Voting in person after having received and after having voted an absent voter's ballot.

(a) Any person who has applied for and received an absent voter's ballot but has not voted and returned the same to the official designated to supervise and conduct absentee voting may vote in person at the polls on election day provided he or she returns the absent voter's ballot to the election commissioners at the polling place. Upon return of the absent voter's ballot the election commissioners shall destroy the ballot in the presence of the voter, and one of the poll clerks shall make a notation of this fact as directed by instructions issued by the Secretary of State. In the event the person does not return the absent voter's ballot, he or she will have his or her vote challenged by one or more of the election commissioners or poll clerks.

(b) No person who has voted an absent voter's ballot may vote in person on the day of the election.