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Email: Chapter 3, Article 4A, Section 5

§3-4A-5. Duty of county commission to acquire vote recording devices, acquire use of automatic tabulating equipment, and provide a central counting center.

If the use of an electronic voting system shall have been adopted as hereinbefore provided, it shall be the duty of the county commission of such county to acquire the necessary number of vote recording devices to supply all or part of the election precincts within such county as soon as possible, and to acquire such reserve vote recording device or devices as will be deemed necessary. All such acquisition of vote recording devices shall be by sealed competitive bidding.

If it shall be impossible for the county commission to comply with its order or with the decision of the voters in a referendum at the next primary or general election, it shall in any event do so at the next following primary or general election, whichever shall first occur.

It shall be the further duty of the county commission of such county to acquire prior to any election in which such electronic voting system is to be used, the use of automatic tabulating equipment approved by the state election commission, for the purpose of counting votes in such election. In addition, the county commission of such county shall provide the necessary central counting center for use in said election. Such central counting center shall be located at the county seat of the county involved.