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Email: Chapter 3, Article 5, Section 6A

§3-5-6a. Election of justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

(a) An election for the purpose of electing a justice or justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals shall be held on the same date as the primary election, as provided by law, upon a nonpartisan ballot by division printed for this purpose. For election purposes, in each election at which shall be elected more than one justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the election shall be by numbered division corresponding to the number of justices being elected. Each justice shall be elected at large from the entire state.

(b) In each nonpartisan election by division for a justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the candidates for election in each numbered division shall be tallied separately, and the board of canvassers shall declare and certify the election of the eligible candidate receiving the highest numbers of votes cast within a numbered division to fill any full terms.

(c) In case of a tie vote under this section, section twelve, article six of this chapter controls in breaking the tie vote.