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Email: Chapter 31, Article 15A, Section 22

§31-15A-22. Refunding revenue bonds.

Any infrastructure revenue bonds issued pursuant to the provisions of this article and at any time outstanding may at any time and from time to time be refunded by the water development authority by the issuance of its refunding revenue bonds in an amount it deems necessary to refund the principal of the bonds to be refunded, together with any unpaid interest thereon, to provide additional funds for the water development authority to accomplish the purpose of this article, and to pay any premiums and commissions necessary to be paid in connection therewith. Any refunding may be effected whether the infrastructure revenue bonds to be refunded shall have then matured or shall thereafter mature: Provided, That the holders of any infrastructure revenue bonds so to be refunded shall not be compelled without their consent to surrender their infrastructure revenue bonds for payment or exchange prior to the date on which they are payable or, if they are called for redemption, prior to the date on which they are by their terms subject to redemption. Any refunding revenue bonds issued pursuant to this article shall be payable from the West Virginia infrastructure revenue debt service fund, and shall be subject to the provisions contained in section seventeen of this article, and shall be secured in accordance with the provisions of sections seventeen and eighteen of this article.